Miserable Retail Slave podcast S05E25. “Mr Sears’ Gold Chocolate Coin”


This week on the big, dumb comedy show:



Not a competitive man/ The kids need money/ Smug dogs/ This is Tommyland now/ Mudstreaks/ A tale from Randy’s youth/ The Shoplifter/ Mr Sears’ Gold Chocolate Coin/ The lessons of Stan Lee and Spider-Man/ The Scowling Face of Despair/ Laptop woes/ These Wal-Marts/ Tommy’s dumb joke/ The full fury of the history of court jesters behind you/ The Garbage Disposal/ Getting Away From The Landfill – a comedy album/ a sea of neck tattoos/ Paperboy old ladies/ a parking lot confrontation/ Tommy’s WiFi/ Stealing the wedding/ The Tattletale/ Stealing the wedding/ Randy’s ideas for Tommy’s weddings/ Dancing in public/ a new tattoo for Tommy/ the unbeatable combo/ Not a Bachelor Party Guy/ a real Nancy Drew/ kickstart that 401K/ Randy’s Career Fair/ The Font Taskmaster and The Google Killjoy/ Smartphone McGee/ Quality Question of the week/ That flocks of ghosts there/ The Couch Party Crew/ Tommy had gigs in Wisconsin and bought a cheesehead/ A club sandwich/ Criss Cross action/ that pretty US 2/ Wisconsin is awesome/ These retail workers are going wild/ Missed Connections/ The Chevy/ A tale of a local newscaster

Totally not above bribery.

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