Miserable Retail Slave. S05E12. “Cup of Bugs”

This week, we welcome The Ranty Bastard of “The Retail Rant” podcast. He has an announcement about the future of that show and you guys will be the first to hear it.

Also, find out what happened with that online dating message sent last week. Is THE ONE actually The One…or is there a new one?

Also, we talk about a man who gets his revenge by unleashing a cup of bed bugs on an unsuspecting office.


Show notes from the show, folks:


Special Guests, TRB formerly of The Retail Rant and Heather D

Flint Water/ If Bozo was president/ An old toad of a man/ Heat Stroke – the new 5 hour energy drink/ Tommy in a hot tub/ “Not The Mama”/ A Parking Lot bar/ The Ghost of Tommy’s Future/ Wave runners/ Hot N’ Heavy/ TRB makes an announcement about the future of “THE RETAIL RANT”/ Ranty breaks down THE RIBS/ Completely “Miser”/ The Pinwheel Wizard/ Getting a suit at the Men’s Warehouse/ “I Guarantee It”/ Randy’s “Plus One” for Tommy’s wedding/ An Exceptional David/ Confusing Tommy/ Tommy’s wedding band/ Man releases bed bugs into an office/ Fistfuls of bugs in my pockets/ TRB has been banned/ What happened with THE ONE?/ Rent-A-Friend/ The Return of Woof McGillicuty?/ Tap the Tommy for some alcohol/
Imagine a dead Tommy/ The Grim Reaper is your worst fear/ Shark Reaper/ Crumpled up piece of kleenex/ My fun chair/ The Ranty Gentleman/ THE PODCAST WAR/ A Neck Pocket/ Introducing Plan B/ Seeing Funnel Cloud Charles in real life/ A Blonde Phase/ What Gives?/ Silverback Thompson/ Online dating nonsense/ “I get all the replies”/ Dread and the Infinite Panic/ Mr Desperate/ Bribery date/ Missed Connections/ Tommy leaves/ Bow Tie Saturday Night/ TRB has stories about driving for Uber/ Heather D comes on the show/ Heather is all riled up from watching Jersey Shore/ Heather knows the MTV schedule/ Catfish/ Hot Studmuffin/ The story of how Heather met her husband/ Heather thinks Randy is only good enough for a 6/ Under the table Chic-Fil-A

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(Episode 167)