Miserable Retail Slave. S05E11. “Did He Get The Ribs?”

This week, we come up with a new catchphrase for a bad date – “getting the ribs.” We also create a new online dating app called Gettin’ Randy and engage in all sorts of online dating nonsense.

We send a message on the podcast to a deserving lass on an online dating site and dub her THE ONE. What did we send and will she respond? Listen and find out!

Plus, we talk about the Trump toilet paper, have some keg stand memories, and try to solve some Missed Connections. 

Show notes from the show, folks:

Summer Lovin…Tell Me More/ Buck Fever/ Receive Thy Gift/ Miami Wrinkles/ Netflix and Chili/ Pepper and Love/ We start a new online dating site: Gettin’ Randy/ Online dating mating/ Let Me Rip Off Miserable Retail Slave/ TalentlessScum DOT net/ Why would you sad me out?/Peking Chicken/ Have you ever died before?/ All the times Tommy has died/ Tommy’s terrible story/ Kegstand Memories/ Blue Ribbon Kegstander/ Homely Boyz of Mid-Michigan calendar/ Giving up that pop/ Those scuzzy Mt Dew thoughts/ A Mt Dew Bad Boy/ The Miserable Hotline/ Forgetful Tommy/ Tommy is a burrowing ground mole/ Andrea needs to make more friends/ “Have you seen this boy? Would you like to?”/ Cool or drool?/ The word “hot” bothers Tommy/ The Inspiration of Smoking Hot/ The clock is ticking down to Tommy’s wedding/ Cocktail hour/ No more second chances/ Lurking back to the online dating/ Speed dating?/ Charles in the funnel cloud/ The two week test/ For the love of Pete/ Trump Toilet Paper/ Missed Connections/ Donut Socks!/ Let’s Get Drunk and Be Hillbillies/ The Thoughtful Gangster/ Shout outs to the Nerdo Network and Nerdopotamus/ Hey, Maple Leafs. Hey/ It’s time to send a message/ Introducing The One/ Partner in crime/ Bonnie and Clyde/ A Magnificent Bastard of a Butterfly/ Tommy is a Granny Smith Gone Rotten/ Tommy was a summer passion baby/ It’s all a journey/ It’s just a ride


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