Miserable Retail Slave. S05E10. “Shoot Your Shot 2k17”

This week, Randy and Tommy talk about the aftermath of last week’s brutally honest episode.

Should Randy get a second chance or is it time to revisit the “Wait It Out” movement? Time is short, so it’s time to shoot your shot.

Plus, Randy talks about the struggle to give up sugar and Tommy discusses his wacky sitcom life.

Somewhere along the way, they also discuss rompers, weird eyebrows, and spotting a rollerblader in the wild.

And, finally, join the guys in their pursuit to help others find their soulmates as they try to solve some Missed Connections.

Show notes from the show, folks:

Happy/ Seeing a rollerblader in the wild/ Tommy’s an active rollerblader/ The King of the Rink/ Tommy lives to blade and skate/ That Great Rollerblading Epic/ The Black Hole/ Thank you for repeating my point, Cliff Notes/ These teens in their cars/ Left hand turns and teenage boys/ Grand POS/ Vengeance Tour 2017/ Romper/ Stinky Tommy/ The summer friend/ The King of the Neighborhood/ Tommy’s adventures in Indy/ Joey Alabama/ Randy’s childhood/ renting Nintendo/ La Bamba Boy/ Tommy the lumberjack is at it again/ Tommy’s sitcom life/ Awww, Kev/ Giving up pop & sugar/ Diabeetus, The Diabetes That Walks Like a Man/ One-Foot/ Get Ripped by 36/ Sugar Nightmares/ Meditating Tommy floated off/ Light as a feather, stiff as a board/ The aftermath of last week’s episode/ Tommy the hunchback/ Tommy didn’t want his back broken like Batman/ Tom Coe gives a purple nurple/ Shoot your shot/ Baby, please/ Chemistry/ Randy the clinger/ What gets me going? Who can even tell?/ Wake up from your dream/ What I think of Smoking Hot/ The return of #WaitItOut/ A message for Andrea/ That “cute” friend/ A crazy cat man/ Return to online dating/ The undateable sludge of America/ The good things about online dating/ What is Instagram/ A brow man/ The Sucker of Fun, Infinite Blackness/ Missed Connections/ Where’s Patti?/ A ruined husk of a boy/ The next Hot Gun/ Your Lips and Everything Else/ This dude is suing this woman for texting on a date/ The worst first date/ Peaks and Valleys/ The Lucky Salad


Here’s that full video about the man who sued his date for texting during Guardians of the Galaxy, Volume 2. Good luck on your future dating endeavors, you tool.


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(Episode 165)