Miserable Retail Slave podcast: S05E27. “Joe Khaki and The Infinite Misery”

These morning rituals? Can’t join the rat race/ Waterbeds/ Winning with some wimming/ Miserable Morning Ritual Slave/ A license to marry/ James Bond of the marriage/ New format/ Mondays/ The face of Ugh Life/ Poetry Nook/ trucker s camp at Wal-Mart/ Joe Khaki and The Infinite Misery/ Body Juices/ trucker s camp at Wal-Mart/ Gross hoodies/ Slob/ Cavemen had it easy/ Those hot live ones/ Caveman Douchebags/ Bone Tomahawk/ Wear a scalp/ Apt Pupil is gay?/ Stephen King > William Shakespeare/ The Shining is better than Romeo and Juliet/ Quote of the day/ Bullet pills/ Life is an LOL emoji/ Amazon Key/ Quality Question/ Tommy doesn t have a Prime/ Tommy the cranky old man/ Sorry in Advance podcast shout out and why you should listen/ Drywall personalities/ The day Tommy finds joy

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