Miserable Retail Slave Podcast: S05E26. “Podcast Bachelor Party”

In this episode, we do the thing that you’re supposed to right before your good chum gets married…it’s a BACHELOR PARTY for Tommy…but in podcast form.

Featuring special appearances by: Juliette Miranda & David the Producer from “The Unwritable Rant” podcast, TRB from “Welcome to Rantyville”, Nick from “Epic Film Guys”, Jake and Tom from “Jake and Tom Conquer the World”, Dr. Penrose from “Penrose vs. Anybody”, Marc James and Rick Mancrush from the Poop Culture podcast, Big D from The Bro-Rons podcast, and Matty F from “Let Me Tell Ya”


Extra, Extra/ That will be it/ My fast food script/ The brand new weird food/ The Mexi-Rib/ Belgrande Boy/ Tommy’s new car/ Tommy took Randy’s money/ BIG TROUT/ Tommy makes some claims about his ancestors/ What the Worst Thing/ Tommy’s Gin Blossoms facts/ No sympathy for a sick man/ Pete Wince/ PODCAST BACHELOR PARTY/ Shoot your snot/ The divorce papers are already filled out/ Doorway hustlers/ What a gallant sir/ Juliette Miranda and David the Producer/ David the Producer’s god voice/ Tommy the punk/ The cost of millennial bachelor parties/ Ranty’s advice/ Tommy’s getting married for the food, but won’t drink/ Randy writes wedding vows from Tommy’s wedding/ Tommy and Nick from Epic Film Guys are Facebook official/ Tommy’s bachelor party/ The He-Man Woman Hater Club/ Tommy’s untold ghost adventures/ Slush Mouth Mary/ Tommy’s drunken finger waggle of justice/ Making friends at 35/ an online anti-dating app/ THE FRIEND ZONE/ Dr Penrose/ Jake and Tom/ Stripper Slang/ Playing the Game Boy/ Poop Culture podcast/ Big D from The Bro Ron’s podcast/ Matty F’s muppet voice

Listen to the last episode: S05E25. “Mr. Sear’s Gold Chocolate Coin” right here.