Miserable Retail Slave podcast S05E22. “Strangerine”

MC Whopper/ Overly happy retail workers/ Nathan, The Best Gas Station Attendant in the World/ a ball of drugs/ that time someone almost got sold meth/ the nose ring power of fable/ closing the pool/ fake and sarcastic retail/ food tremors/ Call your hotlines, kids/ Tommy’s new haircut/ the wolf man of paris, france/ Honey talk/ what is honey?/ Honey never expires/ infin-nin-nite/ Founding Fathers Honey/ Working to get to the yawn/ The Convenience Nurse?/ More Nathan talk/ theatrically trained in the art of gas station/ this woman at the gas station/ Simple Scotty/ the know-it-all mechanic/ don’t know cars/ keep it 100 always, yo/ WWII propaganda/ self-inflicted HIV/ male discoveries/ used cars salesman/ The Joe Guarantee/ Fantasy football teams/ No one cares about your fantasy football team/ Baklava, the Street Fighter/ Tommy goes to a steak house and gets a salad/ Slacker’s Day/ Tommy’s waiting adventure/ Angry Uber Drivers/ Down Boyz 69/ A Saturday Night in Flint, MI/ Quality Question/ Suggested messages/ a return of Danger Zone/ A sign/ Tarot Cards/ Parenting Tips from Tommy/ Weddings/ missed connections/ Sloth from The Goonies/ Missed the Connections/ Holding the door/ Tape on the glasses like a nerd/ New glasses/ behind the trends/ Nita and the needle/ Beard love/ responding to a missed connection

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