Yahoo Answers/ That Mariah Carey/ Scandals/ Moms are weird/ Star Bores/ “Eye Balls, Get Back in My Body”/ Diva Repellant/ Cricks/ People Watching/ A mid-40s date/ Trenchcoat/ Friendzoned/ The Lover Equation/ ‘Gram Worthy/ Missed Connections/ Lil Country Girl/ These O.D.s/ The Miserable Hotline needs your help/ The Start of the Bad/ “You do something special to my Diet Pepsi”/ Tommy almost gets mugged/ Randy the Mallrat/ Got Green/ the Harry Potter Ball/ An app/ Tinder problems/ Facebook is a mating ground/ To become the most interesting man in the world/ sending an online dating message/ The #WaitItOut Movement/ Throwing my hat in the ring/ The Bachelor/ Christine/ Shall we play a game?/ Super Music Maker Deluxe Game/ Young M.A./ Tommy knows what makes the hits/ 

Daya/ Squadgoals/ Tommy deleted his Twitter

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01/20/2017 6:05pm

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This site is excellent and so is how the subject matter was explained. I also like some of the comments too. Waiting for the next post.

02/09/2017 7:37am

I love your amazing podcast. I am a retailer just like you. Keep it up!


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