Polite Sick/ Elbow Crooks/ Tommy is Uncle Todd/ Tommy meets Barber Bill/ Nathan, the best gas station attendant in the world/ Randy’s new catchphrase/ Nathan’s friends/ Grapple/ Ruining a man’s day/ Cursed by a lazy eye/ Tommy is a Dick Van Dyke Man/ Are you a New You?/ Tommy’s 2016 New Year’s Resolutions/ Tommy has a house/ Randy needs whimsy/ Sharing a hobby/ Drones/ Facing death/ Hawk fights/ A Hawk Weapon/ Online dating nonsense/ Tommy’s a super quitter/ An age of enlightenment/ Tommy’s worst memory/ These blondes/ A tutor/ Having fun/ Felippe the Hawk/ Aren’t you right?/ Randy’s Career Fair/ Rent-A-Friend/ My new friend Sam/ The Reality Check Best Friend? The Poo to Non-Poo Ratio/ How Tommy got fat/ The Cult of Dr. Penrose

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(Episode 147)

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05/19/2017 12:05pm

Despite the deceptive title, the show is more about entertaining and giving people a way to relieve some stress through laughter. If you're a miserable retail slave, toiling office drone, or unemployed superstar, you'll find something on the show to entertain you. And don't worry, if you do work in retail, we do occasionally throw some shade at customers, policies, and being an overworked retail zombie.Thanks for sharing as always!

02/25/2017 5:40am

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I will gladly check this episode. Also I will follow you on Instagram and Twitter.


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