Polite Sick/ Elbow Crooks/ Tommy is Uncle Todd/ Tommy meets Barber Bill/ Nathan, the best gas station attendant in the world/ Randy’s new catchphrase/ Nathan’s friends/ Grapple/ Ruining a man’s day/ Cursed by a lazy eye/ Tommy is a Dick Van Dyke Man/ Are you a New You?/ Tommy’s 2016 New Year’s Resolutions/ Tommy has a house/ Randy needs whimsy/ Sharing a hobby/ Drones/ Facing death/ Hawk fights/ A Hawk Weapon/ Online dating nonsense/ Tommy’s a super quitter/ An age of enlightenment/ Tommy’s worst memory/ These blondes/ A tutor/ Having fun/ Felippe the Hawk/ Aren’t you right?/ Randy’s Career Fair/ Rent-A-Friend/ My new friend Sam/ The Reality Check Best Friend? The Poo to Non-Poo Ratio/ How Tommy got fat/ The Cult of Dr. Penrose

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(Episode 147)

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