150. Searching for Wendy Weinberg

Featuring Special Guests Sam and Nick from Laughteristhecure.com !!!

Someone Fell Into Feelings/ Tommy’s a creampuff/ Randy immigrated from Croatia/ Wretched Goat Vomit/ Snapchat filters/ Felecia, the Patron Saint of Byes/ Inspirational/ Tommy is a Choreboy/ 150th episode/ Perpetual pizza/ Tommy the stray cat/ the tougher pasta/ One more to add to the glossary of neck tattoos/ A fight about urban sprawl/ Missed Connections with TRB from The Retail Rant and Dr. Penrose from Penrose vs. Anybody/ The ranking of doctors/ Chicken pants/ Foghorn Eggpants/ Laughteristhecure.com/ Tommy trolls the park/ “Nice umbrella”/ Bit by Bit/ Being a bigger creep than Tommy/ What Laughter is The Cure is all about/ Kevin the VERY friendly ghost/ Mookie/ Smiling is for Life/ Would you rather a Super Mario mushroom or star?/ Tommy’s Nintendo story/ RIP Tootsie/ The One Finger Selfie challenge/ Cocoa Wheats or Nether Bits with Honey/ The Legend of Weedboy/ Missed Connections/Danger Sex/ Cheetos/ Just a dancer named Kitten/ Help out some kids, you selfish pigs/ Nervous poos is a real thing



02/02/2017 11:41pm

This was a very fun and entertaining episode. I really like listening to your podcasts. I enjoy each and every bit of your episodes. I hope that you never stop on entertaining us, your listeners. I'll be looking forward for your future segments.

03/26/2017 7:37pm

You had an interesting playlist. I don't know some of it but I want to hear them. I think I will try to recreate your playlist, so that I can hear these line up of songs. I can't wait to chill and listen to them all! Thank you creating this playlist and sharing them. Looking forward for more lit up episodes!

02/17/2017 10:18am

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03/10/2017 2:44am

This podcast is what I need right now! I was feeling gloomy today and I listened to this and voila! My mood's lighten up! I've been in bed all day and I was randomly looking for something to make myself productively busy. Well, this is fun and entertaining. Laughter indeed is the cure to my gloomy day. And you just stepped right there in helping me achieve it.


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